Margaux Roth

Margaux Roth (Miss Margaux)

Date of hire: 2018

My favorite children's book/story:

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. (As a kid it was such a cool and magical book.)

Fun facts about me:

I was a student at the Children’s Center! I actually had Susan Kempe as my preschool teacher!

I’m a recent graduate of Chico State (I majored in Social Work).

Why did you decide to work at the Children's Center?

Coming to work at the Children’s Center felt like a natural decision because my Mom (Sabine) works at the front desk. The Children’s Center feels like part of my family … all of the teachers are mother figures to me.

What do you love the most about teaching/working with little ones?

What I love most about teaching here is that every day a child makes me smile.

From your perspective, what makes the Children's Center so special?

The teachers care about each child individually. The teachers really open their hearts to the children and their families.