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enrichment classes 2019-20

Enrichment classes are designed to enhance our school year programs and are especially designed for the child that is ready for a longer day. These developmentally-appropriate classes are short in duration, fun, participatory and focus on "learning by doing"!

Most of our enrichment classes meet once a week, from 1:00–2:00PM, with a total of 26 weekly sessions held. The enrollment fee for these classes is $770 for the year. The only exception is Zoo Phonics, which meets twice a week ($1,540 for the year). The sign-up for these programs is separate from our regular program.


This hands-on, interactive program provides opportunities for children to explore and develop their culinary skills. They will be encouraged to taste their creations which will help foster an interest in new foods. At the end of the year the children will have created their own recipe collection.

Teacher: Kate Webb | Threes & Pre-K | Wednesday 1–2PM

First French

Bonjour! This class will expose the children to basic French vocabulary by reading French stories, tasting French treats and singing French songs. Students will learn proper French for simple greetings, numbers, colors, food and more, in a fun creative setting.

Teacher: Sabine Muller-Roth | Threes & Pre-K | Thursday 1–2PM


This class focuses on gross motor, core strength, and coordination skills. Children will practice tumbling, acrobatics, balancing, jumping on the vault and interactive games with the parachute. This class is ideal for coordination, agility, balance, muscle development and fun!

Teacher: Kim Kludt | Threes & Pre-K | Tuesday 1–2PM or Friday 1–2PM

Imagination Station

Each week children will take a story adventure that encourages a love of language and literature in all its forms. “Story sticks” and creative weekly projects lead the children toward an appreciation of literature and creates an excitement about the building blocks of reading.

Teacher: Laury Shattock | Threes & Pre-K | Friday 1–2PM

Math Wizards

Math is awesome! The class introduces and reinforces math concepts of shapes, measurements, patterns, and numbers through games, projects, literature, art, and music. Math Wizards provides a rich environment with hands-on experiences so children can have fun with math and strengthen their mathematical foundation. Let the magic begin!

Teacher: Merry Cohn | Threes & Pre-K | Friday 1–2PM

Mini Masters

Let’s unlock your child’s creativity as we explore the art world. We will learn about the great artists, travel through famous museums and make our own masterpieces! Students will use an assortment of mediums, as well as open-ended activities to create their own, one of a kind masterpieces.

Teacher: Kerrie Ramans | Threes & Pre-K | Tuesday 1–2PM


Explore the fun and magical world of music! Activities will include making instruments, experimenting with sound and movement, exploring different instruments as well as learning about different styles of music.

Teacher: Lorelei Russell | Threes & Pre-K | Tuesday 1–2PM

Play At Life!

“Play at Life” teaches pragmatic life skills in a carefully planned and fun way. Each week, exciting environments such as “Birthday Party Day”, “A Day at the Veterinarian’s Office”, “Gardening”, “Ice-Cream Shop”, “Hair Salon/Barbershop”, “Traffic Safety” and many more are set up for the children to enjoy. These experiences provide opportunities for children to learn practical life skills which help guide them towards independence, while building a solid foundation of self-reliance.

Teacher: Karen Rooney | Threes & Pre-K | Thursday 1–2PM


This popular class offers a wonderful introduction to scientific concepts and an exploration of technology in a guided, small-group setting. Fun, hands-on activities, experiments and discovery will entertain and educate the natural curiosity in your child.

Teacher: Mike Gardiner | Pre-K only | Monday 1–2PM

Zoo Phonics

Using a “whole-brain” approach for the best memory retention, your child will learn their letters, sounds and pre-reading skills. As children learn through doing, “Zoo-phonics” provides opportunities to learn in a joyful, innovative way. As this is a twice weekly class, the fee is $1,540.

Teacher: Laury Shattock | Pre-K only | Monday & Wednesday 1–2PM

All classes are contingent on sufficient enrollment and are subject to change.

2019-20 Enrichment class descriptions

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